DFS Services
Protecting Public Health Through Food Safety Education



DFS Services offers one of the least expensive, fastest and most efficient ways to become ServSafe® certified.


ient, and Experienced Teaching and Proctoring of ServSafe™ Courses


DFS Services is expanding our classes and locations, to include 7th Edition ServSafe® Alcohol classes, Basic Food Safety classes, online training and certification, and allergen training.

Our standard course fee is $130 pre-paid or $135 at the door, or $115 without a book purchase (using a loaner).  Check out our CLASS SCHEDULE for classes near you!

Save almost $25 per person, as local competitors can charge up to $154.95

At DFS Services, we provide complete food safety training, conducted professionally by experienced certified instructors at a lower cost than any other in Maine.  ServSafe® Food Safety Certified Food Protection Manager CLASSES - this training satisfies the current State of Maine requirement.  The ServSafe® Manager textbook is used for training.  Successful completion qualifies the participant to a valid five-year certification recognized nationally as well as in the State of Maine.